Monday, January 21, 2008

Giulio Sciorio's Faces of Ecstasy

O: Faces, a series of highly-detailed, highly-controversial portraits, taken while the subject is mid-orgasm, will be making their way to the Produce Art Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona.

The first showing will take place on the last First Friday of the year on December 07, 2007.
While all subjects are photographed from the shoulders up and are all fully dressed, the photographs have still received a dramatic response from the few who have had the chance to spot them at Giulio’s Studio space in Downtown Phoenix.

So, where is all the controversy coming from? “When people think orgasm, they think porn” states photographer, Giulio Sciorio. “It’s a selection of people from society…this is the teacher and she has orgasms. This is the electrician and he has orgasms. It’s sampling society. I feel privileged that they are sharing that with the camera, knowing that it’ll be shared with the world. [the subjects] are brave to do that”. Images are being released throughout the rest of 2007 on the photographers website.All profits from the Phoenix exhibit will be donated to AIDS charities.

What O: Faces by Giulio SciorioWhen December 07, 2007Where Produce Art Gallery748 West Pierce Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Patti Britton: Four Types of Orgasm

"In my clinical work and research, I have found that there appear to be four anatomically specific orgasms: clitoral, G-spot, vaginal and anal. Yes, each of these sexual areas seems to produce a unique sensation and type of orgasm. And naturally, each one is stimulated by a finger or hand, mouth, penis, vibrator, dildo or some other object or mechanism. That is not to say that all orgasms must occur in or from those four regions. In fact, some sex research shows that women can experience that full-body orgasm or even feel their orgasmic peak from simply kissing or being in the moment (using their bodies and minds) during sex.

There are four books that I recommend for learning more about female orgasm and your potential responses to your new lover. For Yourself by Lonnie Barbach is one of the earlier self-help books on women's sexuality. Another of my favorites is Sex for One by Betty Dodson, my mentor and a pioneer in women's sexuality and sexual empowerment. Both authors use their own experience as women's workshop leaders and their insights about the intricacies of female sexual pleasure (and orgasm in particular). In her book Women Who Love Sex, Gena Ogden discusses her research on the uniqueness of how women perceive and experience their sexuality. A book by Carol Ellison, Women's Sexualities, is the newest contribution to our understanding about women and sex. In it, she moves us away from the male-directed performance model to a view in which women find their self-esteem and worth from the journey of their own pleasure."